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Good lighting can make or break the ambience of the room

Let me tell you a secret.....most homes are not lit properly. The investment you make in decorating you home is all about reflection - reflecting who you are and how your family uses your space. Lighting is what will spotlight your home's beauty; not your dark corners and inadequate task lighting. LED, incadescent, flourescent - which is right? How about lumens and wattage? Who knew lighting was so key?

Home Office. Lighting depends on what kind of work you do?

There are a lot of choices for your home office. First, what kind of work do you do? Detailed, more mechanical work needs task lighting that is colder (whiter), so you can see true colors of objects. Computer or paper work needs more localized lighting that is warm, creating an aura of light.

Lower-Level Family Room. An activity plan is the best way to create your lighting design

"Family" is the key in this room. Before you start, draw up a list of all the activities your family participates in here. It might amaze you!

Working from an activity plan is the best way to create your lighting design. You will need general lighting, task lighting and ambient lighting to support all the family fun. Fixtures that hang, stand and spotlight. It can be daunting, but when done right, it's glorious!

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Dining Room. Your lighting in this room can be a focal point

Lighting in this room is often the focal point, so let's be sure you get it right! A chandelier is traditional, but are you? If not, other superb lighting fixtures are available for this use.


Before you ask, your dining room lighting fixture should, customarily, be hung approximately 7ft. from the floor.

Kitchen. Don't forget to include ambient and task lighting

You may have inherited some recessed "can" lighting in your kitchen, or you want to use energy-saving LED lights. These are great options for lighting the workspaces and eating areas in your kitchen. Don't forget to include some ambient and task lighting with pendants, sconces or, even, standing lamps to infuse your personal style, and "let there be light" on your culinary creations!

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