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Looking for Answers on Floor Coverings?

It's always under our feet! We walk on it, our children crawl on it, our pets curl up and our signifigant others track in mud. Flooring options are endless, but must be made with your lifestyle in mind. For instance, durable flooring is great for a heavily trafficked area but not comfy for your one year old to toddle on. When you begin with the function you require, whether you are redecorating or creating your dream home, there are many gorgeous options to choose from!

Ask yourself: Will wall-to-wall carpeting function in my room?

Wall-to-wall is a fast way to alter the look and feel of a room, and cover most floor dilemmas. There is a wide range of prices for this type of carpeting, so do your homework! Deciding on fiber type is key in your wall-to-wall carpeting selection. The most popular man-made fiber choices are polyester and olefin. The top natural fiber is wool.

Ask yourself: Hardwood Flooring: High or low sheen? Light or dark stain? Which option fits your style?

Hardwood floors are aesthetically pleasing and durable. They can also be sustainable when harvested from a certified forest.

In a large space, you can utilize various hardwoods to create borders and patterns to draw interest. You'll also want and need to temper the noise of footfalls with area rugs.

Ask yourself: Do you have the time to care for a stone floor?

Stone can be the perfect solution for your indoor and outdoor flooring. When properly installed, it can last a lifetime and will withstand extreme climate conditions beautifully.

Downside? It can be expensive, and weight must be a part of your consideration. Floor support is critical. Stone flooring is beautiful and durable but does require a bit more care than other flooring types.

Ask yourself: Could laminate flooring be the better choice?

Laminate Floors: Laminates are extremely cost effective, durable and attractive options. They are easy to install, adapt to many subfloor realities and have a super photographic finish. Many come with great warranties against wear, staining and fading. Is a laminate right for you?

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Ask yourself: How much floor space should you cover?

Area rugs or wall-to-wall?

Area rugs can look odd if they are too large or too small for the space, but they aremarvelous for separating zones and drawing different items of furniture together.

How great do the floors underneath look? Just spent a fortune on the best laminate flooring? Use a smaller rug to bring in color and interest to the area. Make sure all the furniture fits on the rug. The rug is not big enough for that? Place the rug in the center and arrange the furniture around it.

Ask yourself: What fibers best suit your carpeting lifestyle?

Wool. It's the only natural fiber that will wear for decades. It's soft and warm and wears beautifully. It's a high-fashion fiber of choice, so styling is luxurious.

Polyester. You may fall in love with the patterns and colors before you even know the material! It's a great choice when you have lots of square footage and a small budget. However, it's not the best choice for high traffic areas as it will matte easily.

Polyporpylene. This fiber is the easiest to clean, but can feel wiry or still to your feet. Also known as olefin, it is the least expensive fiber, and color choices are quite limited.

Ask yourself: Do I want sustainable flooring?

Cork and Bamboo are environmentally friendly and rapidly renewable crops. To be considered environmentally friendly, materials must, at a minimum, be legally harvested from reponsibly managed forests and contain low VOCs.

Ask yourself: Would tile fit your busy lifestyle?

Tile has a long list of benefits: It's easy to maintain, it's adaptable, cost effective, has huge variety and is easy to repair if need be.

Square, round, pebble, subway, etc. - there are a myriad of design options. Tile, in a word, has style!

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