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Bring the outside in with seasonal accents

We decorate our homes seasonally, whether we think about it or not! For the holidays, we have special foliage or floral arrangements to adorn our living and dining areas; in the winter our homes might have fleecy, comfy, practical accents like throws and quilts; in the summer we add candles, fresh-cut flowers and cheery artwork. Bringing the "outside" in with seasonal accents is a lovely way to transition and alter the look and feel of your home.

Winter. Holidays bring sparkly lights.

Holidays bring sparkly lights, wreaths and candles! Celebrate your space with merriments that reflect your intentions. Peaceful and introspective? Luminarias, snow-white vases and champagne-colored pillows bring tranquil silence inside.

A holiday party junky? Snazz up your space with all things glitter, glitz and 
glam with gilded mirrors, shimmer throws and sequined accessories.

Summer. It's a time of easy living and indulgence.

A white palate might be your style; if so, get the tropical feel by adopting an African Orange Weaver - a finch whose coloring changes.

Not into having a winged pet? Use the summer palate on your fruit plate to add sizzle to your interior-kiwi green, geranium red, lemon yellow - and reflect the sights of summer!

Fall. This season is all about foliage.

Consider using seasonal fruit and vegetables - gourds, pumpkins and squash can do nicely! Dried grasses, feathers, cattails and pods can reflect the harvest season.  Also think about using yummy orange, rust and yellow pillows that will bring a spectacular autumn display right to your sofa and chairs.

Spring. Reflect the lushness of a spring morning.

Spring. Why not consider starting your vegetable garden indoors? In a south-facing window, growing plants like basil, tomato and pepper offer lovely green stems and springtime accent colors of red and yellow as they pop. Not into gardening? Using spring-themed art or fresh accessories alongside a few shades of crisp greenery will reflect the lushness of a spring morning. Adding more light will also illuminate the look!

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